Perfection Unveiled

9 Sep

Reduced to Zero: having lost everything we thought we needed, we are exposed and vulnerable. At Zero all of our defenses are stripped away. There are no walls, no smoke, no mirrors, no facade that we can hide behind.

At Zero we have have to move beyond our personas. We have to let go of that person that we invented to deal with the world for us. The reason we created the persona makes sense; most people we meet are hardly interested enough in us to go beyond the surface. So, we show them what we want them to see and they accept what we show them. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves the truth of who we are neglected, unexplored, and unappreciated.

Underneath the veil of our faultless, contrived perfection lies our tainted truth. The flawed and broken us we long to share with someone but are scared as hell to do so. But I assure you that who we are beneath the veil is more lovable, more courageous, more special than any one dimensional character we can concoct. And what’s even better is that real person at the core of our being is malleable and can be many (maybe not all) of those same things we pretend to be in our personas, but with a foundation of sincerity that will make us all the more attractive and powerful.

Ironic, huh? That at Zero, with nothing, we realize how empty we already were. We really didn’t have a whole lot to lose after all. We actually haven’t lost much besides the shroud that cloaks the light of our soul.

You see Zero is the perfect place to plot on change. Zero, nothing, is the beginning of everything. Zero is where we will face ourselves: the liar, the cheater, the manipulator, the insecure, and all those things we couldn’t acknowledge for fear of hating ourselves. We will meet our truth and change the things we cannot accept and accept the things we cannot change. And somewhere in the heat of the struggle we will realize that, in our imperfections, in spite of our imperfections, despite our imperfections, we are perfect and priceless. Of all the things that we risk losing, our self worth has never been at stake.


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