When You Wish Upon A Star

12 Jul


The old wood carver moves slowly through his lonely wood shop full of many beautiful things that he’d made with his hand. He chipped and cut and carved away at his most recent project. He was creating a life-size marionette: a boy. He took much time in making each life-like detail, but when he finished it was still not a living boy.

We’ve all been like the wood carver. We have struggled and tried; we have fought and battled; we have cried and pleaded, but nothing has changed. Our lives are still not exactly what we want them to be. Oh, it’s life-like; but, it just ain’t life. It’s almost there. If we stand far enough away: it looks like it. If we squeeze our eyes shut and think real hard: it maybe feels like it. The truth waits for our acceptance, though. It just isn’t really what we are pretending it is.

The old wood carver begins to change. Something inside him begins to turn and become restless. Something burns in his gut. His nostrils flare. His teeth clench. His heels dig into the floor. There is determination is his eyes and hope in his heart. His will won’t break. His marionette comes to life.

I have never encountered anything more powerful than the human will. Nations have been built by it, countries are ruled by it, lives are saved by it, and progress depends on it. The human will is a catalyst for evolution. If we are ever going to be all that we should be, we will have to set our wills upon it.

The universe responds to our determination. When we endeavor to create, we use our wills to bring into being that which did exist. All around us is evidence of the strength of our wills and our ability to create. None of the great advancements of our time have been created over night; they took time and determination. Determination is the will’s way of saying, “Yes, the hell, I will!” when everything and everyone else says it can’t be done.

The wooden boy looks out the window where there are kids playing outside. He frowns. He is alive but not real. His will hardens and sets out on the journey to make himself real. The journey leads to a number of failures, but the wooden boy will not give up. Somewhere along his journey he becomes a real boy.

In The Time of Dreamers, people will begin to exercise the power of their wills until their becomes a creating force. That force will grow so strong that it will overtake reality and what was an intangible thought will come into existence. That is how dreams come true.

It wasn’t the magic of the star that made Pinnochio real. It was the will of the wishing and the determination not to lose hope. So maybe we all could stand to wish upon a star sometime. After all, aren’t we all Gepettos and Pinocchios longing for some impossibility to become our reality?

Don’t we all have Violet Ambitions?


One Response to “When You Wish Upon A Star”


  1. Shadows of Truth « Violet Ambitions - November 18, 2012

    […] Circumstance can beat hope from our veins and make us like walking corpses: animated but not alive. If only we could have as much faith in the light as we do in the dark; if we could cling to hope as we hold on to hurt; if we could just believe that maybe the truth is dreams can be real. […]

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