The People Could Fly

4 Aug


“The People Could Fly” by Constance Knight

There comes a place on the path of every dreamer where we find ourselves worn and weary and hanging on the edge of a cliff. Often times we don’t even know how we got there and, although, we realize that the path may not always look the way we think it should we have to ask ourselves: what the hell?!?

We put in our 8 hours a day. We always opt for overtime. We sit up all night toiling, struggling, and trying. We smile when we want to cry. We stiffen our back when people mock our dreams. When we have nothing left, we managed to scrape up a little extra to go that last few hours, to make that next appointment, to pay that last bill. We are giving it all we got. So how in the hell do we end up on the edge of a cliff?!

How could we find ourselves in such desperation? How did the path lead to certain failure? After all we’ve been through, now this! It’s maddening. It’s discouraging. It’s enough to make the strongest of us throw up our hands.

But, what if I said that this is absolutely not the time to give up? This is the time to work harder than ever. Should we ever find ourselves peering into the pit of destitution, know that this is one of the most crucial turning points in the journey. This is the moment that will show us what we’re really made of. Yes, we have tried time and time again but the cliff is the sign to try one more time. Yes, we have given all we’ve got but now is the time to borrow some more. The cliff is taunting us saying, “how bad do you want it?” our answer must be, “bad enough to risk it all.”

Success and failure are parallel dichotomies. They exist in the same space with only a fraction of an inch between them. Within that inch fits our will. Should we will it to be so, that inch of will can take us to the next level. Just as sure as we are that we may fall, we must be as sure that we may fly. Believe that should we jump and find gravity dragging us into the abyss, wings will sprout from our flailing backs and we will fly. Believe that should you hit the ground before that happens, you’re strong enough to survive the fall. The cliff is not the end of the road. Destiny is fixed and your will to dream is stronger than any challenge you will meet. Someway, somehow, you will survive this moment. How? That’s up to you.

Violet Ambitions don’t die.


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