Facing The Void

20 Aug


The exodus that we took to follow our violet ambitions to our dreams has led us to chaos: a dark void of emptiness or so it seems. But remember we have been to a place like this before. We gave gone without before, we have been at zero. And if we can remember, we know that it was then that we encountered possibility.

In a world that is constantly pushing you to be like everyone else, One of the hardest things to do is love yourself. In order for us to love ourselves we have to know ourselves. For it is extremely difficult for a person to genuinely love a stranger.

The truth is uncovered by asking the right questions. The ones that it scares the shit out of us to ask. The ones that the thought of the possible answer shakes the very foundation of our reality. The ones we are almost certain we will better off not knowing. It is those questions that must be asked. We must know what we most do not want to know. Because therein lies the truth we have not discovered, the answers we have been searching for, the change that we need.

We are stronger in the truth of who we are. When what we know and believe about ourselves comes from within we are graced with a confidence that disables our opposition. What can the world do to a person that knows who they are? Their lies, their tricks, their shake tactics fail in the presence of our truth. We are liberated to go into the void and conquer chaos. We are ready to create.

Violet Ambitions will not lie.


One Response to “Facing The Void”


  1. A Darkly Glass « Violet Ambitions - November 18, 2012

    […] matter. If we remain focused in the darkness, we will recognize the moment and seize it. And when we emerge from the void, it will be a void no longer because our presence in the void, our willingness to withstand the […]

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