The Opposite of Doubt

10 Feb

Doubt is common to human beings. We have become so educated and enlightened that we hardly know what it means to go beyond logic and understanding. We have forgotten that there was a time when we all knew so very little and all we had was our belief in a possibility.

Faith is about believing without need for logic and proof. When a person has faith in the something they believe from inside themselves and that is not easily shaken. If we cling to some logical thought in an attempt to believe, we have disregarded faith.

You cannot have faithin a person if your faith is dependent upon them never making a mistake or having no past history of error. That’s belief. Because you are saying that you believe that they will not do something because they never have. Faithsays: even when all evidence is contrary, I believe. That is why faith is the opposite of doubt.

This is not to say that faith does not waver or is never challenged. It is challenged often and it wavers frequently. But faith should be like a spring in the desert where you return again and again to avoid death. Faith should be like food for our souls, for when we stop believing, we stop living.

However often that we doubt we should seek it’s opposite and neutralize its negativity. For every thought of doubt we should have a challenging thought of positivity. This is the personal war that we all fight everyday. The difference is realizing that the battlefield is not in the people, situations, or things that oppose us. The battle is inside us against the doubt that seeks to steal life from us by taking our faith. Hold onto to your faith. When you feel that all hope is lost and you are about to give up, I dare you to try one more time. When you think that you are not seeing any results, I dare you to keep believing. Faith is not easy but neither is the reward tiny.

Violet Ambitions are doubtless.


4 Responses to “The Opposite of Doubt”

  1. Tanya Kiesha Thompson May 7, 2013 at 10:48 PM #

    When you say faith, are you talking about faith in God or faith in yourself? Do you mean faith in your abilities?

    • DesiBjorn May 8, 2013 at 1:00 AM #

      I’m actually talking about all of that. There is no distinction of faith, in my opinion.


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