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The Awakening

25 Nov


To stand face to face and witness the essence, the truth, of another human being will, inevitably bring us to the truth about ourselves. In that truth all the external and superficial will begin to dissolve and we will be left with the substance of what it means to be human: that which is common to man.

The spirit of humanity that resides in each of us, while expressed individually, is universal. And we learn that what we see in others is also within us, we do to others we do to ourselves. What we believe about ourselves we believe about others. We learn that the world is a group of individuals. Society is a collection of people. Life is a relative experience and the journey is only as lonely as we make it. We are only as separate as we choose to be.

That knowledge will comfort us on our exodus from the confines of reality: in our search for our dreams. The world is sleeping and dreaming- that we have in common- the only difference is some of us have awakened and are brave enough to seek the truth and believe that all things are possible. The rest of us are still waiting to be awakened, but they’re day will also come.

Violet Ambitions, once awakened, refuse to sleep.

What’s Behind Us Is Ahead

9 Nov


The present is that place where the past and future meet. To disregard one is to exist presently fractured from who we are.

The person we are right now is directly related to the experiences we’ve had and how they have affected us. However good or bad, our past is our past and we must own it. We cannot erase it and pretending it never happened will get us nowhere. We must be willing to embrace it as part of the journey, learn from it, and take it forward with us into the future.

The future of who we will be is mostly unknown to us and what little we do know of it is relational to our past. This is how we decide what choices we make and path we take into our future. We are motivated by the experiences we’ve already had and the things we’ve already learned.

The past is not always as pretty as we would like. Too many times we regret our past so much that we refuse to acknowledge it ever happens. And God forbid someone brings it up. We cry for acceptance of the things we’ve done and resent anyone who holds us responsible. The truth is we are the only ones who need to accept our past. Whether anyone else does or not is mostly irrelevant. Our past was for our learning and everyone might not like, forgive, or forget what it took for us to learn the lesson. That’s okay. That’s not their obligation; it’s ours. Our focus must be on how we feel about our past. If we don’t like that person we see when we look back; we should change it in the present and it will forever alter our future.

No one should be a slave to who they used to be. But in order to evolve into who we wish to be, we have to accept who we were. Evolution and growth are messy, sordid processes full of mistakes and mishaps. Once we’ve evolved we may look back in shame at that person that we used to be, but just remember that the only antidote for a shameful past is a changed present and a better future is the reward.

Violet Ambitions exist in all time.

Shadows of Truth

19 Oct

Perception is but a shadow of truth: it mimics that which is real. The imitation it creates is not nearly the truth, but it pervades the senses so strongly that an individual can hardly tell the difference.

The truth we see in the mirror must be bare and bold and without adornment. It must be bare and bold for it to be of good use. Otherwise, it becomes a mask, a facade, that we come to believe in. This type of delusion is addictive infectious. It has already created an epidemic in our society. We only need to look around to see that people everywhere are succumbing to the emptiness of the shadow.

Bad things (disappointment, failure, or heartbreak) are real and do happen in life. But the thought that they will always happen; that they are the only things that happen is a shadow of the truth. It’s a perception and a negative one at that. We must be careful of what we allow ourselves to become in response to what happens to us.

Circumstance can beat hope from our veins and make us like walking corpses: animated but not alive. If only we could have as much faith in the light as we do in the dark; if we could cling to hope as we hold on to hurt; if we could just believe that maybe the truth is dreams can be real.

Violet Ambitions whither in the shadows.

What’s So Bad About Polly?

1 Oct


Pollyana was a little girl who refused to be negative. In any given situation she would look for the silver lining. In every individual she would look past the flaws for the good.

When we recognize the truth about ourselves, the perfect nature of our imperfections, it changes the way we see the world and the people around us. They call this being “Pollyana,” but it is in fact just being truthful.

It is a tragedy when an individual defines their existence by misery and suffering. When a person does this they turn their backs on the sun to stare into the night. It is much harder to see the truth in the dark. Everyone they meet will seem menacing and threatening. Every situation will seem like a conspiracy to destroy them. They become the sort of people that drain those around them. They constantly crave positive reinforcement and attack or shun anyone refuses to acquiesce to their demands for validation or challenges them to turn to the light. They become the kind of people who are always defensive and can only see the negative in people and situations.

While it is true that the no one is perfect and that the world holds at least as much bad as it does good, I submit to you that becoming attached to negativity is no way to live. There is nothing wrong with being sad, angry, or disappointed; just don’t live there. Embrace the equilibrium of life. Know that there is more to the world than tragedy and more to people than their flaws.

Violet Ambitions need the light of the sun to thrive.


Remain in Truth

21 Sep


The answer to the question of who we are and we are becoming is not a secret. It’s all around us. Our problem is we can’t see the forest for the trees.

We, as a people, define ourselves according to our suffering. We often try to out suffer or out victim each other. Maybe we feel we are not being boastful when we do so or maybe we have experienced so much hurt that hurt is all we know. Either way we become problem focused and not solution focused. So most of the time the answers are right in front if us; we just refused to see it.

The change that occurs when we stand face to face with our own truth may seem fleeting. Sometimes it seems hard to hold onto. This is because we allow ourselves to drift from the source if the answer. We’d rather gaze into the darkness than turn to the light.

As we are remaking ourselves and the world around us, the mirror will serve as our anchor. We have to return to the mirror constantly and stand before our reflection. It will remind us of who we are and who we are becoming. It will never let us forget the creating power inside us; we are dreamers.

Violet Ambitions thrive in truth.

Dream Killers

18 Sep


Life comes at us fast and we are constantly adapting to circumstances. So every now and then we need the reality check that comes from a good, hard look in a mirror.

The people around us often serve as mirrors for us. These external mirrors do not always reflect the truth. When it comes to others reflections of us, the image reflected can be as truthful as that of a funhouse mirror: twisting and warping what is seen. Sometimes people project onto us characteristics that they actually posses or a blurry image of who they perceive us to be. People do this unintentionally as well as intentionally, but the threat is the same: the loss of dreams. These are the dream killers who come like lions in the night to tear our dreams apart.

Just because someone believes something about, that does not make it true. People are human and fallible. It is dangerous to accept everything everyone says or believes. We have to reach inside ourselves and feel it for ourselves to determine its worth.

Only through standing face to face with ourselves are we familiar with our own truth (good and bad) and are able to discern whether what’s being reflected to us by others matches what we have seen for ourselves.

We, dreamers, endure a long, difficult journey to bring our dreams to life. We endure misunderstanding, disbelief, adversity, and the pain of introspection. We face ourselves daily to ensure that we are constantly evolving and perfecting our perceptions which in turn create and perfect the world around us. We must beware of dream killers. No one is entitled to be a part of our lives. It is an honor we bestow. One that when done right is a joy for both people involved. What better than for two people to take up the journey together: trusting, respecting, and loving one another bearing witness to each others evolution. But there are others wish to bear witness to our destruction. That is a reality that we must be prepared to deal with. We will know the difference because we have already net ourselves in the glass and accepted our reflection in its perfect imperfection. There is a difference between being humbled and being humiliated.

Violet Ambitions reject all fallacies.

Dream Makers

17 Sep


“Kindred Spirits” by Martha Brouwer

We choose our associations for many reasons: we enjoy someone’s company, we like them, we love them, we’re related to them. Sometimes we don’t really know why we choose the people we choose to be around us. But whether we know it or not these relationships have a huge affect on us.

The people with whom we surround ourselves serve as mirrors for us; they can reflect back to us who we really are. Often we are not completely aware of who we are or we are becoming. We can be just as blind to our greatness as we can be to our flaws.

Life seems to move so fast and we push so hard. We put our noses to the grind, ignore the pain and exhaustion and try to keep pushing forward. One day we look up and we’re not quite sure where we are or how we got there. We may find that the journey has taken us in some unexpected direction or we don’t recognize where we are or if we’re on the right path anymore. In times like that we need a little help.

These are the Dream Makers. They come into our lives and bear witness to all that is good and perfect in us. They show us, even if we can’t see it, that our efforts to be better and to manifest our dreams is paying off or that they will pay off. They make our dreams real to us when we are unsure. Who doesn’t need encouragement from time to time?

We are not alone in our Violet Ambitions

Face Truth

14 Sep


“God Is In Me” by WAK (Kevin A. Williams)

Here is a promise. That no matter what we cannot understand, what we cannot see right now, we will.

The answers do not hide from us; they wait for us. They wait for us to find them. They wait for us to understand them. They wait for us to embrace them. Our job is to learn how to find them and prepare ourselves to accept them, whatever they are.

Standing open faced in a darkly glass we come face to face with ourselves and see the truth and that knowledge will change us forever.

We will find imperfections and they will be perfect. We will find adversity and prosper, we will find judgment and be made free, we will find failure and we will not fail.

Violet Ambitions fear no truth.

Open Faced

12 Sep


As we stand open faced before the glass, the truth stares back at us. Whatever truth we see there, is what we become.

The mind is a powerful tool. Perspective is everything. How often we stand before ourselves and only see the imperfections. Or better yet what we would call imperfection. What we fail to acknowledge is that our concept of perfection is built from the limits of our own thinking.

We ascribe to an aesthetic that is shaped by media, culture, and a number of external forces. But how often are these factors our own creation?

Before we face ourselves we must rid ourselves of preconceived notions. This is what it means to be open faced. We must come before ourselves open faced and accept what we see there. Dare to see the beauty of every scar, every wrinkle, every failure, every indiscretion because what stands before is beautiful and good. And there is a chance that without those ‘imperfections’ we might not be as beautiful or as good.

Violet Ambitions are perfectly imperfect.

Flawed Faces

11 Sep


As creators we have a tendency to become enamored with our own abilities. We think that because we have the ability to create and change the world around us, we should also be able to change the people around us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are not brought into knowledge and given power so that we can control others. Influence, yes. Inspire, maybe. But control, not hardly. The truth does not need to prove itself. It doesn’t need a certain amount of people to believe it. It just is.

When we stand face to face to know someone, we must accept the truth of what we see there. Despite whether that person is in touch with that truth or not. We have to respect the journey that person is on and understand that the they will come upon the truth in their own way and in their own time. The journey for them will be as significant as it was for us.

So while we are manifesting our dreams and changing, we know that not everyone will be on the same timing as we are. That doesn’t make us better or worse than them, it just means we’re in different places on the journey. As dreamers we know that through us and through the journey all will arrive where we are in their own time. That doesn’t change the truth we know or the future we create.

Violet Ambitions, like faces, are individual.


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