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A Darkly Glass

17 Aug


Chaos Theory by Chrissan

Remaking the world will be no easy task. It is not simple to take walk into chaos and create from the void. But the exodus away from reality will lead every dreamer to such a place.

Disappointment has many faces: a lost job, a failed relationship, an estranged child, unrequited love, the betrayal of a friend. Disappointment can strangle the breath of hope and send us writhing to our knees. They make us ask: How did we get here? Who indicted us for our ambition? And why the hell were we sentenced to such cruel and unusual punishments? Why begin to wonder why we ever stared out on this journey.

At the risk of sounding apathetic, it must be said that these occurrences are common to living. If they are to happen, then they will happen. It is a waste of time and energy to try to avoid them. As if we are equipped to wrestle with fate. Instead we should develop a way of dealing with them should they happen. So that when we can perceive of these moments as opportunities: to be promoted, to mend, to move on, to reconcile. To change the situation through a change in perception.

Chaos should not be feared. Chaos is the opportunity to create. It is exactly what we want on the journey in pursuit of. A place of possibility. We may not have expected it to be such a dark and empty place, but that doesn’t matter. If we remain focused in the darkness, we will recognize the moment and seize it. And when we emerge from the void, it will be a void no longer because our presence in the void, our willingness to withstand the chaos, will have changed it completely. Chaos will bring us face to face.

Our Violet Ambitions will guide us through chaos.

The Darkness and The Light

13 Aug


There is a difference between knowledge and application; a difference between conceptualizing and actualizing. The one in common for both is that it begins in the mind.

The mind is the battleground where the revolution of our society will be fought. The opposition that dreamers will face will not be external. The challenges are psychological. Doubt, fear, exhaustion, discouragement, disbelief are all obstacles that dreamers must confront. These things can change a dreamers thoughts and their will to finish the journey.

Conviction requires sacrifice. It means there will be times that we may have to turn down the sure thing for the real thing. We have to struggle against our fear that our journey is in vain, we have to overcome the doubt that we will never make it to our destination. We cannot submit to the negativity that exists in opposition to our will.

To allow our minds to settle on any thought that does not include the success of our journey and the recreation of our reality, would cause us to revert to the mental state in which we started. So that while externally we have changed and are in a different place, that place would look, feel, and taste the same as reality we left behind.

Negativity is a ravenous shadow that devours all the light that it encounters and leaves only darkness. We stagnate progress when we become defeatists. And we become defeatists not because we failed or because we didn’t get it right. It happens when we lose our will: when we allow negative thoughts to consume the hope that fuels our exodus from reality.

We don’t make the exodus from reality to escape reality itself. We leave to remake it. Reality is a state of mind and, if we are not careful, we will recreate the same reality anywhere we are. Guard your mind dreamers. Listen to your heart. Feed your spirit. The journey is not easy. If it was everyone would make it. But we are special. Not because you’re more than those around you, but because we have defied all opposition and that has made us greater than we had once allowed ourselves to be.

We must never lose faith in our Violet Ambitions.

The People Could Fly

4 Aug


“The People Could Fly” by Constance Knight

There comes a place on the path of every dreamer where we find ourselves worn and weary and hanging on the edge of a cliff. Often times we don’t even know how we got there and, although, we realize that the path may not always look the way we think it should we have to ask ourselves: what the hell?!?

We put in our 8 hours a day. We always opt for overtime. We sit up all night toiling, struggling, and trying. We smile when we want to cry. We stiffen our back when people mock our dreams. When we have nothing left, we managed to scrape up a little extra to go that last few hours, to make that next appointment, to pay that last bill. We are giving it all we got. So how in the hell do we end up on the edge of a cliff?!

How could we find ourselves in such desperation? How did the path lead to certain failure? After all we’ve been through, now this! It’s maddening. It’s discouraging. It’s enough to make the strongest of us throw up our hands.

But, what if I said that this is absolutely not the time to give up? This is the time to work harder than ever. Should we ever find ourselves peering into the pit of destitution, know that this is one of the most crucial turning points in the journey. This is the moment that will show us what we’re really made of. Yes, we have tried time and time again but the cliff is the sign to try one more time. Yes, we have given all we’ve got but now is the time to borrow some more. The cliff is taunting us saying, “how bad do you want it?” our answer must be, “bad enough to risk it all.”

Success and failure are parallel dichotomies. They exist in the same space with only a fraction of an inch between them. Within that inch fits our will. Should we will it to be so, that inch of will can take us to the next level. Just as sure as we are that we may fall, we must be as sure that we may fly. Believe that should we jump and find gravity dragging us into the abyss, wings will sprout from our flailing backs and we will fly. Believe that should you hit the ground before that happens, you’re strong enough to survive the fall. The cliff is not the end of the road. Destiny is fixed and your will to dream is stronger than any challenge you will meet. Someway, somehow, you will survive this moment. How? That’s up to you.

Violet Ambitions don’t die.

No Follow

2 Aug


Dreamers must endure at all costs. The path of the dreamer is long and shadowy. It is the road least taken and, because of that, there are no footprints to follow. We are the ones leaving the trail to be followed.

We must expect that there will come many times when we are unsure of which way to go. A dreamer must at all times be in touch with their instincts: that inner knowing that we often do not heed. Yes there will be doubts. Being a trailblazer means confronting our doubts: overtaking them. Our will is too strong to be denied.

What fuels a dreamer’s will is intangible. It is something that cannot be stolen, or used up, or repossessed. It’s something that lives inside us and pumps the very blood through our veins. It makes us get up each day and face an uncivilized world in a graceless age. It catches our tears and heals our wounds. It washes away the pain of disappointment and steadies us against every blow. We don’t always make the mark and we’re not always on our feet. When we fail, we try again. When we fall, we crawl. We do what must be done: that thing we cannot do but must. We will arrive. There’s no doubt about that.

Never give up your Violet Ambitions.

Who Needs The Wiz?!

31 Jul


I watched The Wiz the other day. Anybody remember The Wiz? Remember how each character went off in search of their heart’s desire? The Scarecrow wanted a brain, the Tin Man wanted a heart, The Lion wanted courage, and Dorothy wanted the ability to get home. They followed the yellow brick road in search of the Wiz but found that he was fake. It was seem that their pilgrimage was in vain but, somehow, they still found exactly what they were seeking. They never would have found it had they not made following the yellow brick road their purpose.

As the dreamers walk away from reality with their wills set on making their dreams come true they are faced with a question: when everything around you is a vain, fading smoke…how do you know you’re on the right path?

You’ll know it by how it feels. The path to dreams is yellow brick road that appears when you make the decision to forsake reality. It will require the best of what you have and some of what you don’t. Your determination will push you to be whatever is needed to make that journey. Where does the road lead? Well to The Wiz, ofcourse. The funny part is that by the time you find him, you won’t need him like you think you do.

The thing about following the yellow brick road is that you set out on it to the find The Wiz because you’re certain that’s where dreams come from. You’re certain it’s money, material things, a romantic partner, a new location, a new job, or more education. You’re sure that if you can get The Wiz to give you all these things you will be able to make all your dreams cone true. It’s not until you begin the journey that you realize that everything you needed, you already had. Dreams live inside us. They don’t come from any external source. The people, resources, and challenges we meet externally serve only as a catalyst for what is dormant within us.

The journey isn’t for us to find our dreams. The journey is for us to learn how to pull them from inside us and make them real. Once Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man reached The Wiz they realized they’d already discovered those things for which they were searching.

As we make the exodus from who we are to we are meant to be, we discover that the path doesn’t move, it doesn’t change, and it doesn’t always look the way we think it would. But all of that is of minimal importance. What’s most important is our commitment to finding our dreams. Despite what the path may look like we must trust that thing inside us that knows: that makes it feel right. Then it will not matter whether the path leads to The Wiz or not. It will not matter what his capabilities are because the journey will have forced us to evolve into the creator of our own dreams.

Violet Ambitions are a means not an end.

Vanity of Vanities

23 Jul


King Solomon by Svetoslav Roerich

Vanity: a word we so often connote with beauty and physical appearance. The word is so much more than that. Its description broader and more fitting in describing the society we have created. We live lives of vanity in a vain existence.

Vanity isn’t about beauty specifically. It’s about a lack of value and use: worthlessness. And we are obsessed with it. Reality tv, tabloids, gossip, people’s private relationships and sex lives, game shows, empty comedy, silver screen re-makes, wealth, fame, and celebrity. We refuse to acknowledge that these things are not bad, but they are vain and devoid of substantive meaning.

That’s just it isn’t it? That is the real problem with vanity? It has no meaning; it doesn’t fulfill us. We search our whole lives to find something meaningful. To find something that makes the struggle worth it. Something that justifies the tears we’ve been forced to shed, the smiles that have been snatched from our faces, the trust we covet, the love we’ve abandoned, our hearts we’ve had to piece together time and time again, the hope we’ve held dangling sometimes by threads. We want something that is worth all that we’ve sacrificed; all that we’ve risked losing.

It’s our dreams. Our dreams are priceless. They’re the hope that things can get better. They’re the ambition to be great and perform acts of greatness. Dreams are where fantasy and reality meet. They make life worth living and they are worth dying in the pursuit of. Everything else…is, well, vanity.

Where there are violet ambitions, vanity wilts away.

When You Wish Upon A Star

12 Jul


The old wood carver moves slowly through his lonely wood shop full of many beautiful things that he’d made with his hand. He chipped and cut and carved away at his most recent project. He was creating a life-size marionette: a boy. He took much time in making each life-like detail, but when he finished it was still not a living boy.

We’ve all been like the wood carver. We have struggled and tried; we have fought and battled; we have cried and pleaded, but nothing has changed. Our lives are still not exactly what we want them to be. Oh, it’s life-like; but, it just ain’t life. It’s almost there. If we stand far enough away: it looks like it. If we squeeze our eyes shut and think real hard: it maybe feels like it. The truth waits for our acceptance, though. It just isn’t really what we are pretending it is.

The old wood carver begins to change. Something inside him begins to turn and become restless. Something burns in his gut. His nostrils flare. His teeth clench. His heels dig into the floor. There is determination is his eyes and hope in his heart. His will won’t break. His marionette comes to life.

I have never encountered anything more powerful than the human will. Nations have been built by it, countries are ruled by it, lives are saved by it, and progress depends on it. The human will is a catalyst for evolution. If we are ever going to be all that we should be, we will have to set our wills upon it.

The universe responds to our determination. When we endeavor to create, we use our wills to bring into being that which did exist. All around us is evidence of the strength of our wills and our ability to create. None of the great advancements of our time have been created over night; they took time and determination. Determination is the will’s way of saying, “Yes, the hell, I will!” when everything and everyone else says it can’t be done.

The wooden boy looks out the window where there are kids playing outside. He frowns. He is alive but not real. His will hardens and sets out on the journey to make himself real. The journey leads to a number of failures, but the wooden boy will not give up. Somewhere along his journey he becomes a real boy.

In The Time of Dreamers, people will begin to exercise the power of their wills until their becomes a creating force. That force will grow so strong that it will overtake reality and what was an intangible thought will come into existence. That is how dreams come true.

It wasn’t the magic of the star that made Pinnochio real. It was the will of the wishing and the determination not to lose hope. So maybe we all could stand to wish upon a star sometime. After all, aren’t we all Gepettos and Pinocchios longing for some impossibility to become our reality?

Don’t we all have Violet Ambitions?


8 Jul

There is a reason most people do not rise far above the platform in which they are born. There is a reason that the lofty visions of youth are rarely attained. There is a reason the country is falling to pieces before our eyes. It is because we have forgotten how to create. Instead we have taken up residence in a dilapidated way of life where we scramble to replicate what has already been created and call it new. It seems to difficult to build something new. We believe that it is impossible, or nearly so.

Whatever the excuse, and they are excuses, we pull into the driveway of whatever mediocre path we have chosen. We open the door to complacency. We find a warm comfort in knowing that what we have is enough to sustain us: we can pay our bills and feed and clothe our families (even if only barely or with assistance). We curl up on our fears and never wonder about the windows that are shut so tight that dreams will never drift inside; so tight that peace, without the air of hope, becomes a stifling blanket of impotence that destroys our creative will. We nestle into a silent misery and stagnation becomes our home. In fact, it becomes our prison.

In the Time of Dreamers, people will become so disgusted with the facade of happiness and the mass acceptance of a bleak reality that they will take an exodus from the confines of reality. They will walk away from the limitations of society and go out into the darkness to create. The journey towards making dreams come true begins with one step. Desperation and disenchantment will fuel the courage that is needed to take that step. It is a journey and every journey begins with one step. The dreamers will be the first to make that step. When they do, the world as we know it will never be the same.

We got Violet Ambitions.

In the Time of Dreamers

2 Jan

The world, as we know it, is coming to an end. It is time to change: to let go of what once worked, but no longer does. Maybe some of those things that we have been taught are antiquated philosophies with little relevance for the present and are irrelevant in the days to come. Maybe it is time to realize that the life we seek does not exist in the way we have always done things…otherwise we’d already have it. Maybe we have to walk out into the unknown to find the world we have been seeking.

For many years we have scoffed at dreamers and believers with blind faith. We have mocked their beliefs, we have shook our heads at their lofty affirmations, and we have allowed our cynicism to prevail. We have been delending upon what we already know and what has already been proven, trying to twist and shape it into what we had hoped it would be. That is a perversion of the truth. And I submit to you that the real solution to any problem will not be found in a facade. It is time to accept our losses, admit our failures, and let go of the certainty of our own misery- which has gained us nothing- to pursue the uncertain possibility of achieving everything.

Now is the time of the dreamers. Everyone’s dream will not be the same and it does not have to be. It is not about the dream as much as it is about the dreaming. When we are brave enough to dream out loud, we declare that something inside of us is stronger and greater than the world. When we are brave enough to dream out loud, we realize that everything that has ever been created was a thought that was driven into creation by the will of some dreamer who dared to see the world not as it is, but as it could be; a dreamer with a fool’s hope to believe that what could only be seen by them could become tangible reality.

So dream on dreamers. Let the dream killers and nay sayers mock you, let them judge you, let them crucify you. Your shame and suffering will be well worth it. Remember that it is the fear and ignorance of their limited perceptions that keep them from understanding that which you have already discovered: the future is but a dream and only those who believe in the power of dreams shall inherit the future.

Dreamers have Violet Ambitions.


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