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The Opposite of Doubt

10 Feb

Doubt is common to human beings. We have become so educated and enlightened that we hardly know what it means to go beyond logic and understanding. We have forgotten that there was a time when we all knew so very little and all we had was our belief in a possibility.

Faith is about believing without need for logic and proof. When a person has faith in the something they believe from inside themselves and that is not easily shaken. If we cling to some logical thought in an attempt to believe, we have disregarded faith.

You cannot have faithin a person if your faith is dependent upon them never making a mistake or having no past history of error. That’s belief. Because you are saying that you believe that they will not do something because they never have. Faithsays: even when all evidence is contrary, I believe. That is why faith is the opposite of doubt.

This is not to say that faith does not waver or is never challenged. It is challenged often and it wavers frequently. But faith should be like a spring in the desert where you return again and again to avoid death. Faith should be like food for our souls, for when we stop believing, we stop living.

However often that we doubt we should seek it’s opposite and neutralize its negativity. For every thought of doubt we should have a challenging thought of positivity. This is the personal war that we all fight everyday. The difference is realizing that the battlefield is not in the people, situations, or things that oppose us. The battle is inside us against the doubt that seeks to steal life from us by taking our faith. Hold onto to your faith. When you feel that all hope is lost and you are about to give up, I dare you to try one more time. When you think that you are not seeing any results, I dare you to keep believing. Faith is not easy but neither is the reward tiny.

Violet Ambitions are doubtless.

The Miracle Position

1 Feb


Miracles do happen. They happen everyday. We live in a world of miracles: planes, spaceships, televisions, cell phones, electricity. All these things at some point were beyond belief. Now they are a part of our daily reality. That’s how miracles work. When a miracle happens it is so thoroughly consuming that it changes a world, indefinitely.

We live in a society that is about as pleasant as a jaded lover. Somewhere along the line we fell out of love with the world. We decided that it just didn’t live up to our expectations and that was its fault and not ours. So, now, we are skeptical. We are bitter. We are faithless. And miracles are made of faith.

It is surprising how many people would say that they do not believe in miracles when all they would need to do is look at the world around them and see it for what it is: a miracle. As people, we are some of the most ungrateful and irreverent creatures on the planet. And what’s worse is we have the audacity to be sarcastic and cynical. We are so out of touch with the truth that we cannot understand and see that there are, at least, as many possibilities in the world as there are limitations.
All it takes is an open face (I have issues with open minds lol). All we have to do is be willing to see and focus on that which is positive and hopeful, despite the opposition.

When we get in the miracle position we begin to see the world from an angle that makes anything possible. The glass becomes half full instead of half empty, love seems possible, hope abounds, and faith endures. What does it cost one to believe? he risk of disappointment? Well that, too, would be a matter of perspective. But we’ve been disappointed before and somehow survived. So why not take the chance? There’s infinitely more to be gained than there is to lose.

Violet Ambitions are everyday miracles.

The Conviction of Faith

13 Jan


Conviction is defined as being impressed with a sense of guilt. Doesn’t sound like a good state to be in, huh? However, I submit to you that feelings aren’t good or bad. You can have a good or bad feeling, but that expresses how the feeling makes you feel and not the feeling itself. Feelings just are.

Guilt is a feeling like remorse or regret. We attribute to having done something wrong. That’s actually a good feeling to have then, for how else will we know when we are in error?

People do a lot of things for a lot of reasons. Unless an individual makes up in their mind that what they are doing is wrong for them and desire to change that, nothing will ever change.

Faith requires conviction. In order to believe we have to be inclined to not disbelieve. Doubt is the enemy and when it gets the best of us we should feel guilty for having allowed it to do so. There should be a shameful feeling that keeps us running back to our Faith.

That feeling, that conviction, must come from inside. We must be our own conviction. We cannot rely on circumstance or any external force to change our lives for us. The conviction of our faith is more than enough.

Faith is about conviction; Faith is the foundation of all Violet Ambitions.

No Shame in Faith

8 Jan


I had a conversation with a friend once about past relationships. He began to talk about a woman he once dated when he was 25. He talked about how he was young and inexperienced with love and though he loved her he cheated on her often. He admitted there a couple of occasions when someone she knew would approach her to tell her about what he was doing. He said she would look them in the face and tell them that she wouldn’t believe then unless she found out for herself. He said he couldn’t understand why that was her response and he felt guilty and thought he would clean his act up. She became ill and died before he ever got the chance. I looked at him and I could see the pain and shane in his eyes. All he could say was that he had never been the same since.

When I thought about his story, I thought she had to have some suspicion. If not before she had been approached at least afterward. But she refused to believe what she didn’t know for herself. Well, now, that’s called Faith.

Faith cannot be substantiated. It cannot be persuaded. It cannot doubt. Despite the fact that the accusations were true, that woman’s peace of mind cane from her faith in the man she loved. Had he been true to the love and faith that she had in him, he might not be so tortured now. If ever you are so fortunate as to find someone who is willing to believe in you beyond all doubts, you should cleave to that person. That person loves you.

It is not easy to believe in something or someone when everything seems to be contrary to that belief. But do it anyway, and do it without embarrassment, because it isn’t about whether it is true or not. Fauth is about what you believe to be true and your commitment to that belief. What you believe changes the world around you.

There are no Violet Ambitions without Faith.

Hope Helps

20 Dec


Hope allows us to see the world not as some evil place to be feared, shunned, and fought. But to see it as a place that is both beautiful and shattered.

The shattered pieces cut and wound. They make the world dangerous, even wicked at times. But we hope.

We hope that the world changes. We hope that the world becomes the place we know it can be. We hope that it’s not broken beyond repair.

Hope forces us to see that the world was never meant to be shattered. The killing, the hate, the prejudice, the distrust, the fear are all shards of a broken beautiful creation. And hope helps us to see that and see that what the world needs is healing. That is why we facethe void.That won’t be accomplished by anger, or cynicism, or indifference. It will only be accomplished by love, faith, and hope.

Hope is the breath of all Violet Ambitions.

All Faith

19 Dec


Faith is a word that is so often used with little consideration for what it stands for. Faith is a word and has a definition like any word does; however, faith is also a concept, an ideal, that symbolizes more than the definition suggests.

Faith is not reserved for the religious. One does not need a denomination or doctrine to have faith. Faith is a concept that, if anything, is spiritual and spirituality includes all people.

Faith is that impenetrable thing in the hollow of your spine that allows you to stand even when your back has been broken.

Faith is the foundation of all Violet Ambitions.


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