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Embrace or Endure

3 May


Life is scary. The uncertainty. The never knowing. The endless, unanswered questions. It can be overwhelming. I can remember a particular time in my life when it seemed that everything was moving so fast I could hardly keep up. It seemed like one thing after another and although some of the changes were welcomed, I was a little intimidated to step into them fully. I sat with a friend and casually discussed some of my ideas for the year and things I wanted to accomplish. She was immediately enthused and began to grill me on my plans. Seeing my hesitance, she asked:

“Why don’t you just go ahead and do it?”

“Because I’m scared,” I answered honestly. She leaned forward and placed her hand on my knee,

“Then do it afraid.”

My fear was no longer an obstacle, it was just something I was feeling: nothing more, nothing less.

What is fear but the body’s response to a threatening situation? When we are really scared adrenaline courses through our body, our senses sharpen, our reflexes quicken, and anything going on in our body that does not help us avoid or overcome the threat is suppressed. In essence we are biologically designed to deal with challenges and fear is the switch that triggers our best response.

So, then, why do we seek to avoid fear? Why do we allow fear to grip us and make us impotent? When in fact fear is necessary to invoke certain responses in us. We must recognize fear for what it is: a catalyst. It’s not too be avoided. If it cannot be embraced then it must be endured, because sometimes we must do that thing that we fear we cannot do.

Fear will not hinder Violet Ambitions.

The Courage to Create

12 Aug

The violet insisted, “Change me into a tall rose, for I wish to lift my head high with pride; and regardless of my fate it will be my own doing.”

– The Ambitious Violet, Khalil Gibran

Of all the things that man has made, there will be no more critical invention than the invention of himself.
The sun shines, we are hot and struggling to cool ourselves. The rain falls, we are wet and struggling to shelter ourselves. The snow falls, we are cold and struggling to warm ourselves. The world can seem too big and too much to handle. It seems that we, as people, are always struggling against the world around us. No matter how much we try or how smart we appear to be, it seems we just can’t control what’s happening.

It is true that there are many things beyond the reach of our arms. We try…and we fail. Then to escape the shame of our failure we become cold and indifferent in the acceptance of our limitations. Since we can’t control everything, we pretend as if we can control nothing. We don’t realize that only in our indifference is the world completely beyond the scope of our abilities.

Indifference makes us impotent. Life is and should be interactive and indifferent people aren’t active at all because they are detached: they have checked out. Indifferent people are absent in life, especially their own. They are always standing outside themselves watching life happen to them. Things happen; that’s the fact. The truth is: we possess a powerful creative will that can alter the end result of the things that happen.

We need the courage to create ourselves. To become passionate about our lives and the things that shape them. We must decide that although we cannot control what happens around us or to us, we will decide what we will become as a result of or in spite of what has happened. This is the adventure of our lives! This ambition to create oneself is what will make life worth living. It will cost us our comfort, our energy, and our time. It may mean that we taste defeat twice as many times more than we dine on success. But, we will go to our graves knowing that while some have merely existed indifferent, and impotent…our creative passion has given us control over the only thing we could control: ourselves. And having encountered us the world could not be the same; we have changed the world for having changed our lives.


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