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All Things New

29 May


There are a dozen phrases and sayings that express the constant flux in our world. Things are always changing. Somehow we, as a people, have come to place emphasis on notions of stability, security, and consistency. In truth those things don’t actually exist. The world is unstable, uncertain, ever-changing, and completely inconsistent. It is, therefore, unnatural for any person to reflect those qualities. People who attempt to embody such qualities usually find themselves in a rigid, burdensome existence where they resent those who are able to embrace the magic of change.

We must allow the world and especially the people in it to be whatever they are and need to be at any given time. It is an offensive gesture to demand anything else. When we do we assume that we have the knowledge and understanding to know what they should be instead. Such a condescension assumes an authority of the natural forces of the world; that is egregious.

We must come to the world and the people in it in a spirit of empathy, curiosity, and love. We must first understand why a person is what they are (their origins), respect them for who and what they are, and accept them just as they are. This validation unlocks the door for love, intimacy, and influence. It is from this vantage point that any leverage for inspiring change (should change be needed) in an individual.

There is no right or wrong evolution, there is no good or bad growth. There is just change. Anyone who has ever endeavored to spend a lifetime with someone knows that people change. Sometimes we like it and sometimes we don’t. But it is a beautiful thing to commit to not abandoning someone as they evolve.

The opportunity to witness another person becoming is a gift that deserves reverence, not judgment and ruthless critique (theres plenty of that in the world to go around). It is why we are connected to each other and why we come into contact with each other. It is scary, nerve wrecking, and exciting to watch the world and people in it evolve. When we embrace change in people and the world, we realize that it is not a neurotic pathology that needs to be fixed. It is the world seeking to be better and evolve. It is a person seeking to actualize an heal their wounds. It is the universe seeking to reconcile it’s inhabitants unto itself.

Everything old becomes new again.

Violet Ambitions are nested in evolution and rebirth.

What We Know

1 Dec


What we know is that as we stand face to face with the darkly glass what we see begins to melt away. We see the limitations of flesh and circumstance fading and the shadow of truth is illuminated. The truth is that we are infinitely more than we coul ever have imagined and that truth is not limited to us but extends to everyone.

What we know is that as we stand face to face with the others we see the truth about them and it brings us to the truth about ourselves. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. What we fear about others, we fear about ourselves. What believe about others, we believe about ourselves.

What we learn about ourselves is that we are more than what we see on the surface. The substance of our humanity is intangible and infinite. We are spiritual beings. Spirituality is about relationships and the connection that is shared by every living thing on this planet.

What we know is that there if there is any way that we are going to change the world into a place where dreams come true, we will have to recognize our individual place in the collective journey. We may think we walk alone but truthfully we are not the only ones taking the exodus from reality. We are not the only ones seeking our dreams; we are all awakening, we will all make the exodus from what we call reality. We may not always see the others. They may not always be exactly where we are on the path. But we are not alone. On the deepest level, we are all connected.

Violet Ambitions are shared collectively.

The Awakening

25 Nov


To stand face to face and witness the essence, the truth, of another human being will, inevitably bring us to the truth about ourselves. In that truth all the external and superficial will begin to dissolve and we will be left with the substance of what it means to be human: that which is common to man.

The spirit of humanity that resides in each of us, while expressed individually, is universal. And we learn that what we see in others is also within us, we do to others we do to ourselves. What we believe about ourselves we believe about others. We learn that the world is a group of individuals. Society is a collection of people. Life is a relative experience and the journey is only as lonely as we make it. We are only as separate as we choose to be.

That knowledge will comfort us on our exodus from the confines of reality: in our search for our dreams. The world is sleeping and dreaming- that we have in common- the only difference is some of us have awakened and are brave enough to seek the truth and believe that all things are possible. The rest of us are still waiting to be awakened, but they’re day will also come.

Violet Ambitions, once awakened, refuse to sleep.

Facing The Void

20 Aug


The exodus that we took to follow our violet ambitions to our dreams has led us to chaos: a dark void of emptiness or so it seems. But remember we have been to a place like this before. We gave gone without before, we have been at zero. And if we can remember, we know that it was then that we encountered possibility.

In a world that is constantly pushing you to be like everyone else, One of the hardest things to do is love yourself. In order for us to love ourselves we have to know ourselves. For it is extremely difficult for a person to genuinely love a stranger.

The truth is uncovered by asking the right questions. The ones that it scares the shit out of us to ask. The ones that the thought of the possible answer shakes the very foundation of our reality. The ones we are almost certain we will better off not knowing. It is those questions that must be asked. We must know what we most do not want to know. Because therein lies the truth we have not discovered, the answers we have been searching for, the change that we need.

We are stronger in the truth of who we are. When what we know and believe about ourselves comes from within we are graced with a confidence that disables our opposition. What can the world do to a person that knows who they are? Their lies, their tricks, their shake tactics fail in the presence of our truth. We are liberated to go into the void and conquer chaos. We are ready to create.

Violet Ambitions will not lie.

A Darkly Glass

17 Aug


Chaos Theory by Chrissan

Remaking the world will be no easy task. It is not simple to take walk into chaos and create from the void. But the exodus away from reality will lead every dreamer to such a place.

Disappointment has many faces: a lost job, a failed relationship, an estranged child, unrequited love, the betrayal of a friend. Disappointment can strangle the breath of hope and send us writhing to our knees. They make us ask: How did we get here? Who indicted us for our ambition? And why the hell were we sentenced to such cruel and unusual punishments? Why begin to wonder why we ever stared out on this journey.

At the risk of sounding apathetic, it must be said that these occurrences are common to living. If they are to happen, then they will happen. It is a waste of time and energy to try to avoid them. As if we are equipped to wrestle with fate. Instead we should develop a way of dealing with them should they happen. So that when we can perceive of these moments as opportunities: to be promoted, to mend, to move on, to reconcile. To change the situation through a change in perception.

Chaos should not be feared. Chaos is the opportunity to create. It is exactly what we want on the journey in pursuit of. A place of possibility. We may not have expected it to be such a dark and empty place, but that doesn’t matter. If we remain focused in the darkness, we will recognize the moment and seize it. And when we emerge from the void, it will be a void no longer because our presence in the void, our willingness to withstand the chaos, will have changed it completely. Chaos will bring us face to face.

Our Violet Ambitions will guide us through chaos.


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