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Ravaged by Truth

15 May


Philosophers have often commented about the inevitability of truth. It always comes to the light or it will set you free. What they have not always said is that it will turn your world inside out. We have been trained to fake it, to lie, to deceive, but if and when the truth comes for you (as they say it inevitably will), succumb to it. Let it ravage you.

However uncomfortable, embarrassing, or painful, let it take you. We should always give ourselves over to the truth when it comes. Most often it will be laced with a lie that will incite us to protest, but we shouldn’t protest. Anywhere there is truth, let it be. We should it have its way with us, because in that part that is truth we will be made free.


The freedom that comes with truth is the liberation from the lies. We will find a way to stand bare before the world and say “this is who I am. It is not all pretty or all perfect but I commit to it.” When we embrace the truth we disarm those who would oppose us, we liberate ourselves to focus on that which truly matters…love and truth.

Violet Ambitions seek truth.

Shadows of Truth

19 Oct

Perception is but a shadow of truth: it mimics that which is real. The imitation it creates is not nearly the truth, but it pervades the senses so strongly that an individual can hardly tell the difference.

The truth we see in the mirror must be bare and bold and without adornment. It must be bare and bold for it to be of good use. Otherwise, it becomes a mask, a facade, that we come to believe in. This type of delusion is addictive infectious. It has already created an epidemic in our society. We only need to look around to see that people everywhere are succumbing to the emptiness of the shadow.

Bad things (disappointment, failure, or heartbreak) are real and do happen in life. But the thought that they will always happen; that they are the only things that happen is a shadow of the truth. It’s a perception and a negative one at that. We must be careful of what we allow ourselves to become in response to what happens to us.

Circumstance can beat hope from our veins and make us like walking corpses: animated but not alive. If only we could have as much faith in the light as we do in the dark; if we could cling to hope as we hold on to hurt; if we could just believe that maybe the truth is dreams can be real.

Violet Ambitions whither in the shadows.

Open Faced

12 Sep


As we stand open faced before the glass, the truth stares back at us. Whatever truth we see there, is what we become.

The mind is a powerful tool. Perspective is everything. How often we stand before ourselves and only see the imperfections. Or better yet what we would call imperfection. What we fail to acknowledge is that our concept of perfection is built from the limits of our own thinking.

We ascribe to an aesthetic that is shaped by media, culture, and a number of external forces. But how often are these factors our own creation?

Before we face ourselves we must rid ourselves of preconceived notions. This is what it means to be open faced. We must come before ourselves open faced and accept what we see there. Dare to see the beauty of every scar, every wrinkle, every failure, every indiscretion because what stands before is beautiful and good. And there is a chance that without those ‘imperfections’ we might not be as beautiful or as good.

Violet Ambitions are perfectly imperfect.

Flawed Faces

11 Sep


As creators we have a tendency to become enamored with our own abilities. We think that because we have the ability to create and change the world around us, we should also be able to change the people around us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are not brought into knowledge and given power so that we can control others. Influence, yes. Inspire, maybe. But control, not hardly. The truth does not need to prove itself. It doesn’t need a certain amount of people to believe it. It just is.

When we stand face to face to know someone, we must accept the truth of what we see there. Despite whether that person is in touch with that truth or not. We have to respect the journey that person is on and understand that the they will come upon the truth in their own way and in their own time. The journey for them will be as significant as it was for us.

So while we are manifesting our dreams and changing, we know that not everyone will be on the same timing as we are. That doesn’t make us better or worse than them, it just means we’re in different places on the journey. As dreamers we know that through us and through the journey all will arrive where we are in their own time. That doesn’t change the truth we know or the future we create.

Violet Ambitions, like faces, are individual.

Facing The Void

20 Aug


The exodus that we took to follow our violet ambitions to our dreams has led us to chaos: a dark void of emptiness or so it seems. But remember we have been to a place like this before. We gave gone without before, we have been at zero. And if we can remember, we know that it was then that we encountered possibility.

In a world that is constantly pushing you to be like everyone else, One of the hardest things to do is love yourself. In order for us to love ourselves we have to know ourselves. For it is extremely difficult for a person to genuinely love a stranger.

The truth is uncovered by asking the right questions. The ones that it scares the shit out of us to ask. The ones that the thought of the possible answer shakes the very foundation of our reality. The ones we are almost certain we will better off not knowing. It is those questions that must be asked. We must know what we most do not want to know. Because therein lies the truth we have not discovered, the answers we have been searching for, the change that we need.

We are stronger in the truth of who we are. When what we know and believe about ourselves comes from within we are graced with a confidence that disables our opposition. What can the world do to a person that knows who they are? Their lies, their tricks, their shake tactics fail in the presence of our truth. We are liberated to go into the void and conquer chaos. We are ready to create.

Violet Ambitions will not lie.

Perfection Unveiled

9 Sep

Reduced to Zero: having lost everything we thought we needed, we are exposed and vulnerable. At Zero all of our defenses are stripped away. There are no walls, no smoke, no mirrors, no facade that we can hide behind.

At Zero we have have to move beyond our personas. We have to let go of that person that we invented to deal with the world for us. The reason we created the persona makes sense; most people we meet are hardly interested enough in us to go beyond the surface. So, we show them what we want them to see and they accept what we show them. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves the truth of who we are neglected, unexplored, and unappreciated.

Underneath the veil of our faultless, contrived perfection lies our tainted truth. The flawed and broken us we long to share with someone but are scared as hell to do so. But I assure you that who we are beneath the veil is more lovable, more courageous, more special than any one dimensional character we can concoct. And what’s even better is that real person at the core of our being is malleable and can be many (maybe not all) of those same things we pretend to be in our personas, but with a foundation of sincerity that will make us all the more attractive and powerful.

Ironic, huh? That at Zero, with nothing, we realize how empty we already were. We really didn’t have a whole lot to lose after all. We actually haven’t lost much besides the shroud that cloaks the light of our soul.

You see Zero is the perfect place to plot on change. Zero, nothing, is the beginning of everything. Zero is where we will face ourselves: the liar, the cheater, the manipulator, the insecure, and all those things we couldn’t acknowledge for fear of hating ourselves. We will meet our truth and change the things we cannot accept and accept the things we cannot change. And somewhere in the heat of the struggle we will realize that, in our imperfections, in spite of our imperfections, despite our imperfections, we are perfect and priceless. Of all the things that we risk losing, our self worth has never been at stake.

The Confession of Truth

19 Aug

Reality is the veil of truth. Sometimes that veil is transparent enough to see what lies beneath, but often times we can’t see clearly enough. In order to truly seek the truth, we have to defy the light of delusion, and stare into the darkness beyond the veil of reality.

The reality is that we go to work, pay our bills, watch reality tv in the evening, party on the weekends, and take a vacation once a year. We’re smiling, optimistic, intelligent, educated, and successful. That’s the reality.

The truth is we hate our jobs, juggle our bills, seek distraction in socializing, and save all year to afford our one week of relaxation. There are tears behind our smiles, our hope dangles by a thread, we aren’t sure we are not one of the dumbest people on the planet, we didn’t learn much in school, and our lives are hardly what we would consider a success. That’s the truth.

Our reality is built on the idea of something real but Something unnamed inside is whispering that this doesn’t feel right. The problem is that we are too afraid of what it might mean if we admit how we feel; the confession that could shake the foundations of our reality until the veil tears in two. But in that moment only truth would remain and then, somehow, in the presence of our crude, brutal truth we would begin to deal with what’s broke and create a life not builtbon unsecurity and fear: a life that matters. It begins with mustering the courage to admit: ‘We may not know what it should be, we may not know what it will be, but we know that this is NOT it.’ Confession is good for the soul.


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